Mark Buchanan - Things Unseen: Living in the Light of Forever


Could it be that the heavenly minded are of the most earthly good? With pastoral warmth and philosophical skill, Buchanan illustrates how the hope of heaven offers us sustained moral and spiritual ballast for living a life of stability, fearlessness, and substance. Learn to make eternity your fixation—anchoring your hope and strengthening your heart.

Carolyn's Notes
Mark Buchanan is one of my favourite contemporary authors; he has a real gift for turning beautiful phrases around profound concepts. Things Unseen reminds me of an old Charlie Peacock song that goes “I want to live like heaven is a real place” … it asks to consider how we might live our lives if we take the promise of an eternal life with God seriously. Two of the songs on my Under the Gaze album (“Great Cloud of Witnesses” and “Only Time Will Tell”) were written after reading this book.

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